I was born and raised in Plymouth, MI, located in the scenic suburbs of Detroit. As such, the automotive industry has always been at the forefront of what gets talked about. As a result I’ve ended up doing an internship in the automotive industry. I spent 8 months last year, and 4 months this year, working for Denso International America, located in Southfield, MI. While there I worked on fuel pumps and fuel systems. I spent most of my time working as an application engineer, and thus have done a lot of hands on work. In my first stint there, I spent most of my time in our fuel lab testing parts and performing analysis. In my most recent stint I spent most of my time vehicle testing, which mainly consisted of swapping parts in and out and then driving around the less than scenic city of Southfield. I’m scheduled to graduate this December, and will likely be returning back there at the beginning of next year although I’m not certain if this is what I want to do given the less than steady state of the automotive industry right now. I became interested in engineering when I was in high school. I found I did well in math and science classes, so it seemed like a good idea to enter into a field where I could actually apply some of this knowledge.

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However, I found respite from the hardships of North living by living at Pi Kappa Phi on Lincoln the last three years, which I frequently leave to engage in intramurals and other festive events.

When I am not enjoying fraternal or academic pursuits or tinkering in my garage, I can typically be found wondering and exploring somewhere outside. Depending on the climate, I enjoy partaking in trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine and Nordic skiing, and most other forms of general nonsense outside.

Hailing from Casper, WY, I came to Michigan with a hands-on attitude to engineering. While introductory classes did little to allow an outlet for my idealized work, during my first year and a half, I worked on mechanical design and fabrication projects in the Radiological Sciences Laboratory. Quick to flee from the Michigan climate, I have worked at two Holcim manufacturing facilities, in Oklahoma and Utah, during my summer holidays. At Holcim my work centered around manufacturing systems engineering, and helped solidify my idealized career path. I will return to Wyoming in April as a project engineer for Pacificorp, where the majority of my work will focus on capital project design and installations along with daily support to the maintenance departments.

Outside of the classroom, I dabble in a variety of groups. I maximize my North Campus time by serving on the Mechanical Engineering Student Leadership Board, as well as the COE Undergraduate Student Advisory Board and the 31E Engineering Honor Society.

I grew up in Troy, MI and went to Birmingham Seaholm High School. There I got my first taste of hands-on engineering. During my years there, I was a part of teams that built an electric car, a solar powered bicycle, an automatic pizza maker, and an automatic drink dispenser that was capable of dispensing three different drinks. Upon arriving at UM I joined the Solar Car Team. I was heavily involved in the design, building, and testing of the 2003 car. I also was in charge of procurement for the engineering team and was fortunate to be named a driver. After Solar Car, I joined up with a group of Aero students to develop an experiment that would fly on NASA’s “Weightless Wonder”, or as it’s more commonly referred to: the “Vomit Comet”. Only a few of us flew this past summer because of plane issues, so we are invited back June, 2006 when the plane is hopefully functioning properly. I’m currently still working with that group of Aero students (in addition to doing an Aero 490 project) in developing a Micro Solar Powered Air Vehicle. This aerospace work has me leaning toward a future career in the aerospace industry. A job with NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, or GE Aircraft would be ideal. So why am I interested in engineering? Legos. My parents bought my siblings and I Legos when we were younger and all three of us go (or will be going to) school for engineering.

I have been a Michigan boy my entire life. I was born at the U of M hospital In Ann Arbor and I was raised in Brighton, Michigan. At an early age, I was interested in engineering. My dream job was then and still is to one day design rollercoaster’s. I attended Brighton High School where I concentrated on science and was a member of the marching band’s drumline. I remember my family always rooting for Michigan sports. My grandfather has been known to throw things at his TV on foot ball Saturdays. When it came time to decide where to go to college, I had several choices. One choice in fact was a certain rival school from East Lansing. I quickly realized that I bled blue and chose U of M. I joined UROP as a freshman and worked on a project for the solar car team. When my project ended, I chose to join the team and was very active until the fall of 2004. The practical skills that I obtained while working on the solar car project have proved invaluable. Over the summer of 2004 I began working at my current job as a mechanical engineering intern for Adaptive Materials Incorporated. There I design and build custom housings for portable solid oxide fuel cells. I hope to continue working for AMI after graduation where I am involved in this exciting new technology.